Components and solutions with power and control at their core

Power Solutions focuses on components and solutions for power supply and for steering and controlling movements or energy flows. Customers operate mainly within special vehicles, the energy sector and the electronics industry. Addtech’s companies are often involved in the customer’s design phase, and can therefore participate in determining and optimising the customer’s end-product. This has led to most customers being OEMs, although some are end-users. Development in the business area’s companies is driven largely by rapid technological development in society and new regulatory requirements, particularly regarding electrification, which will entail demand for technically knowledgeable actors able to contribute in the design phase of the products. Another driving force is the demand for system solutions and products for special vehicles, such as battery solutions and ergonomic products for forklifts, mining equipment and forestry machines. The business area has many strong proprietary brands, with the companies holding considerable cutting-edge expertise and leading market positions.

For the business area as a whole, demand was favourable over the year, even though the business situation varied between different customer and product segments. In the fourth quarter, the market situation for customised battery solutions remained favourable on the whole, particularly within medical technology. Demand for control and ergonomics products in specialised vehicles remained favourable, although evening out at a high level. Read more on the Administration Report.

Key financial indicators 2019/2020 2018/2019
Net sales, SEKm 1,630 1597
EBITA, SEKm 231 223
EBITA margin, % 14.2 14.0
Return on working capital, % 60 63
Average number of employees 425 415
Acquired annual sales* 98 50
* Refers to conditions at the time of acquisition on a full-year basis.

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