Intelligent solutions for connected businesses

Customised technical solutions and services are of growing importance in digitalised businesses and industries. Many industrial companies are in the middle of their process of transitioning to Industry 4.0, in which more efficient production and flows will increasingly be linked to intelligent IT and sensor solutions. The Automation business area is positioned in niches that follow the manufacturing industry’s development towards automation and robotics for intelligent factories, as well as expanding communication networks infrastructure, cyber security solutions and other investments in line with the growth of the future sustainable towns and cities. Automation’s unique offering encompasses the entire chain from moving mechanical solutions to intelligent systems and communication networks. The companies within Automation maintain long-term relationships with leading international suppliers, and have own products in many areas.

Over the year, Automation experienced generally favourable underlying demand, flattening off at a high level. The business area’s largest segment, mechanical industry and medical technology, continued to have a positive position in terms of both input components and automation solutions. Operations exposed to the defence sector also experienced favourable demand, while the data and telecom segment varied between geographical markets. Read more on the Administration Report.

Key financial indicators 2019/2020 2018/2019
Net sales, SEKm 2,425 1,946
EBITA, SEKm 267 194
EBITA margin, % 11.0 10.0
Return on working capital, % 52 52
Average number of employees 477 376
Acquired annual sales* 424 325
* Refers to conditions at the time of acquisition on a full-year basis.

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