Favourable positions in a progressing market

Energy focuses on the markets for electricity distribution and electrical installation, as well as on products and solutions in the areas of electrical safety, energy efficiency and connection technology. The companies hold leading positions in their individual market niches and adapt standard components in close cooperation with customers and suppliers, or offer their own niche products. The market for energy and electrical installation is relatively stable, while an interesting phase of development is simultaneously taking place, with a need for international investment in infrastructure for power grids, for example. These grid upgrades are being driven by reinvestment, the integration of the electricity markets and renewable sources being connected, primarily wind power. Infrastructure development is also expected to drive demand in the transport sector, particularly rail. The trend is also favourable in public construction and professional lighting, for example.

As a whole, the business area had a positive market situation during the financial year, with demand remaining high for infrastructure products for national and regional power grids and for wind power. The units that are active in sales of niche products for electrical power distribution, the expansion of the fibre-optic network, as well as construction and installation experience a certain slowdown in demand in the second half of the year. Read more on the Administration Report.

Key financial indicators 2019/2020 2018/2019
Net sales, SEKm 2,412 2,357
EBITA, SEKm 282 244
EBITA margin, % 11.7 10.4
Return on working capital, % 53 50
Average number of employees 681 655
Acquired annual sales* 29 233
* Refers to conditions at the time of acquisition on a full-year basis.

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